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Don's present book: Stop Wasting Your Wealth in Mutual Funds...Separately Managed Accounts--The Smart Alternative is available from Don's office or on

COMING: "Rolling Over in Tough Times"


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Some comments from Don Wilkinson About Retirement

"If you're considering retirement or a veteran retiree now, and have run up against some obstacles in making your retirement planning work. I would like to encourage you to come by and spend about an hour with us.
We can talk about some of your retirement goals and what you or your family has been thinking about doing in the years ahead. After hearing what you have to say (We are good listeners), we might offer some suggestions on how we might be of service fine turning your retirement plans.
If you like what we have to say, then, we could have some serious discussions about your future retirement plans. As your retirement is a time sensitive process and it's never too early to start planning, we encourage you to do the hardest task of your retirement: pick up the phone and make that appointment with us."
P.S. "We are convenient down here in the Newport Beach area, an hour with us would be well spent. In the meantime, utilize the many articles and references, financial calculators, webinars, we have brought to this website to help you get your arms around your retirement future."