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Let Don tell you about his soon to be published new book: "Rolling Over During Tough Times".
Let us email to you a White Paper of the content to tell you how this book might be the answer to helping you regain economic traction during our present downturn:

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Keep Your Family Prospering During Your Retirement Years and Beyond...

boat of no returnThe accumulation phase during your lifetime earning period can be fairly forgiving of mistakes. The distribution phase of your retirement is much less so. It's much larger than merely picking an underperformer in your portfolio. Tapping retirement assets out of order or suffering capital gains tax reprecussions are but a few situations that may hinder you from having necessary living expenses.

 And you are not rowing in this boat alone. You have your family and their dependency on you to make the right moves. Not only do you have responsibility to take care of significent others now but as you eventually pass on, benefits should be wired in place to see that life still has a degree of normancy for your dependents after you're gone.

 In addition to helping you plan for lifetime wealth security, we can add elements of security for yourself and your family unit. Some protective elements come to mind: Medicap insurance, Headline: rescription drug plans, long-term care, longevity insurance, health insurance. All these safety nets can be set in place to insure you and your family are properly cared for while living or making the final curtain call.

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Customizing Your Portfolio: Riding in a Limo or Taking the Bus!

If you're an pre-retiree or retiree who is invested into mutual funds, no doubt you have given thought to how great it would be to customize your holdings to reflect your individual financial needs.

In fact, as you know, in mutual funds you don't own any of the stocks in your portfolio. You own shares of stocks. They're in an asset pool. It means your mutual funds relinquish control to what and when mutual funds managers buy and sell securities in your portfolio.
Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs), on the other hand, are portfolios of securities handled by a money manager(s) that your advisor and you select. From there, your assets are usually invested in a diversified group of stocks or bonds similar to mutual funds.


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