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Avoid the Risks and Distribute Your Retirement Savings to Create Lifetime Income ...

risk You have come this far dodging plenty of risky situations but during your retirement years you suddenly become vulnerable to special risks out there that can derail all the plans and dreams you and your family have made together.

How about this? It's estimated a 65 year old couple will need approximately $240,000 to $415,000 to cover medical costs in retirement. What are you doing to prepare yourself and your family for these costs? Health care is the second largest household expense (following housing) and is perhaps the biggest risk to the success of a retirement income plan.

There's a good chance you are going to live a long time. Odds are that at least one member of a 65-year old couple will live to 92. Purchasing long term care insurance for you and your spouse would be a good investment.

What about Social Security? You paid in to it. Now, it's your time to get a slice of Uncle Sam's pie. When should you take it. Right out of the box at age 62 or wait a while and let it build for 8 per cent a year?Link here for some advice?

In essence, utilizing our services would allow you to put up a good defense against these and other pitfalls that can ambush even the best prepared retirement plans. Just a few of the things we can do for you to reduce the risks of retirement:

Combine income planning with effective management strategies dealing with asset withdraw, taking advantage of our knowledge of tax implications and asset distribution. Let us keep you current with government programs (i.e. Social Security, Medicare, etc). We have resources to help you manage your health care costs and can provide health care-related products and programs.


Retirement Risks
LONGEVITY Underestimating length of life

Big impact on retirement with inadequate health care coverage coupled with rising health care costs


Increases in goods and services erodes the value of assets set aside to meet those costs


Concentrate in too conservative investments can expose the retiree to outliving their assets


Too aggressive rate of withdraw can deplete assets prematurely

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"Phased retirement" offers different financial options than traditional retirement planning

Webster's Dictionary is always searching America's Lexicon landscape for words or phases that are becoming popular on their way to becoming permanent. "Phased retirement" is a term we have seen with more and more usage in recent years brought on by many factors such as a sour economy, longer life spans and members of the baby boomer generation rewriting the book on retirement.

Phased retirement is a catch all term for retiring by gradually decreasing work time instead of abruptly upon reaching retirement age moving to Florida to be full time on the golf course. Your decision to phase in retirement can be on your own terms or by necessity. That is, more and more retirement age people find themselves in a no choice situation to keep working because simply they can't afford to retire as soon as they'd hoped.


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