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Let Don tell you about his soon to be published new book: "Rolling Over During Tough Times".
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Converting your Retirement Savings into Lifetime Income...

GeorgeWYou have been accumulating income all of your working life, now in retirement or planning retirement, it's time to shift gears and begin planning on how you should distribute your wealth. The transition won't be easy. In fact, it can be agonizing. Making sure you have enough income for your lifetime ahead is a monumental undertaking. This is especially essential knowing that most of us will be living longer than generations behind us. The resources have to be there to take care of expected and the unexpected.

Our company seeks to make this transition of building wealth to utilizing wealth to one of hope, opportunity and security. We accomplish this by working closely with you and your selected family members to map out a program to insure you will never run short and proceed on a path of common sense to achieve the retirement goals you have set.

Among our approaches to make sure you have lifetime income, our company strives to master for you three asset management objectives: subscribe to optimum risk management, seek less volatility in market investments, and determine the best predictable outcomes. These three bedrock principals insure you and your family retire worry free and spend your golden years being just that.

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Warning: Investing in Mutual Funds Can Be Hazardous to Your Wealth

For most mutual fund investors, the high fees, add on capital gains taxes, and blatant lack of transparency by the fund companies seem to be virtually ignored. Conversely, most investors don't even realize there are other wealth building strategies out there that are superior to mutual funds.

  If you are buying mutual funds today, you are disregarding the tax issue at your peril. In essence, if you are also holding your mutual funds for the long haul -- 10 or 20 years -- then you will pay a price down the line.  

As you know, because of the way mutual funds are bought and sold, it is all too possible to lose money on your investment and also wind up paying significant capital gains taxes. Yet, low returns and capital gains taxes -- the double whammy -- have been happening every year since 2000, and if the predictions are correct, the excess taxes will continue to punch holes in your portfolio in the future.  


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